From the book, Grail Alchemy
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Sit in a comfortable position, relax and quieten your mind. . .Take some deep breaths and imagine you are breathing in a beautiful, silvery light like the far-distant stars. Now let yourself float in this light which becomes like a silver mist swirling all around you . . .

When the mist lifts, you are standing on the edge of Time’s spiral ready to enter into the Mysteries of the Star Temple of Avalon. It is just after sunset, and you are at the foot of Glastonbury Tor in the Vale of the Red and White Springs. Their waters intertwine and mingle as they flow down through the green vale –  the only sound that breaks the evening  silence. . .

Begin walking along the lane that leads to the Tor itself. The path slopes gently upwards, shadowed by dark silhouettes of trees and their tracery of boughs in early springtime leaf. Cross a wooden stile and enter a broad sloping meadow open to the sky. By the sun’s afterglow you can see the dark shape of the Tor as it rises before you, steeply rising from the lowlands of the Summer Country. On top is the silhouette of the ruined tower of St. Michael like a solitary pointing finger. Above the tower shines the seven stars of the Great Bear in their slow majestic march around the Pole.

A narrow thread of a path now gleams whitely before you and you start to climb the Tor. Before long, see a large reddish sandstone rock on the left of the path. This is the Living Rock. Touch it, and as you do so, you may feel it tingle slightly like electricity . . . The landscape around you now becomes dreamlike – almost transparent – as if you have walked through a veil – and you feel transparent too, yet filled with an energy that flows through your body like a silver stream as if starlight is running in your veins. The white path glimmers like spider silk and you see that it winds around the hill in a sunwise direction as a luminous spiral maze of seven circuits.

Follow the silvery thread seven times around to the summit of the hill . . . At each turn of the spiral, the path becomes narrower and steeper. A steady wind begins to blow in your face, forcing you to slow down. It becomes very dark, and yet whenever it seems you might lose your footing and slip off the perilously sheer slope, a faint light appears ahead of you: just enough to show you where to safely place your foot. Sometimes you catch a glimpse of this Light-Bearer as a tall, cowled figure carrying a lantern: He is one of the Watchers of Avalon, the ancient Guardians of this place.

At last, you find yourself standing on top of the Tor in a high wind. Above you the black shape of the ruined tower rises in solitary splendor against the sky which is now a deep and luminous violet-blue, a fathomless Sea of Space wherein a million stars and planets hang like lamps. Among them you can make out the wide band of the twelve sparkling constellations which comprise the Zodiac: figures of giants, gods and animals, all dancing in a ring, rising up into the heights of the heavens and dipping below the horizon.

One constellation in particular glows with dazzling brilliance right above the tower itself. You see by the pattern of its seven living gems of Star Fire that it is Ursa Major, the Great Bear, that circles a shining orb of pure celestial light: Polaris, the Pole Star, the Gate of Heaven. As you watch, an iridescent ray of pulsating light shines out from each of the seven stars to surround the Tor with a glorious, many-hued rainbow. . .

As the arch of the heavens opens, a gigantic figure ablaze with light appears. He reaches up to the heavens above the tower and grasps the North Star, which becomes a mighty starry Sword of Light whose hilt and blade are made of dazzling shafts of laser-like beams of limitless, unbounded life-force . . .

From the tip of the sword comes forth a spiral of starlight, like a white Serpent: It swirls at a dizzying speed through space towards you and the star-fire streams down like silver rain towards Earth. Within its radiance, the tower no longer appears as a ruin but a shimmering tower of starlight, in which all the colors of the rainbow sparkle like diamonds.  It has resumed its true form on the Inner Levels as Caer Wydyr, the Crystal Tower, one of the four great Watchtowers of Logres where the Guardians of these isles keep their eternal vigil against the Dark. The light is so bright that it shines like a beacon over all the Tor and illumines the landscape below. And as you look down on the countryside, a glowing Zodiac of starry figures slowly emerges out of the fields and meadows all around as if drawn in white fire across the land . . . a mirror of the constellations above.

The Sword of Light also gently touches your upturned brow. At first it feels like you have been brushed by an eagle feather . . . then a strong current of stellar energy spirals down through your spine…. and you are filled with an inner radiance . . . Breathe this luminescence into every pore of your being . . . and open to the divine light of wisdom that floods your body in wave after wave of bliss. . .

Raise your eyes to the Great One, the Cosmic  Star Father, in the heavens above. Eternities pass as you gaze into those eyes which are as oceans of unutterable depths which radiate eternal truths. Every one of the cells of your body is filled to the brim with the heavenly light, and your entire being is suffused with the inner knowledge about many things in life and death which have hitherto been concealed . . .  And this engenders within you a deep and abiding sense of inner peace for now you understand that despite appearances in the worlds below, All is Well . . .

After a while, the light begins to fade, although the experience is indelibly emblazoned within your deepest Self. You are standing alone on the dark and windy hill. A soft light appears out of the night and you catch a brief glimpse of the cowled figure who with his lantern held high, leads you wordlessly to the head of the spiral maze that glimmers faintly below you. He stays with you until you have reached the Living Rock, then you slip through the invisible gateway and retrace your steps across the field, returning to the soft green vale where you can hear the bubbling waters of the red and white springs. When you reach level ground you find yourself back in your body, in your room, in present time with full remembrance of all that took place here. When you are ready, open your eyes and come back to present time and space.

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