"I just wanted to say thank you for both of your soul readings that you gave me. It is amazing how helpful 2 hours of our time together over the course of 5 years has been for me!!! I feel like your readings have helped me be more confident about who I am. I'm still searching and realize it is a journey, not a destination. I feel much better and not as stressed and worried about my path. It’s funny how during the reading, I don't necessarily understand everything you are reading, but later on, my life unfolds, and what you said seems to develop in my life without any effort on my part. Your words are like sunshine that beams on little seeds in my head and wakes me up to who I am! I like to listen to the readings throughout the year and it comforts me too! I feel your readings may be the best time/money I've ever spent! Thank you so much!

Just wanted to update you about happenings in my life! You were right: Nov andDec were difficult... You warned me not to work too hard, but I didn't listen.I worked too hard, but it's eased up so far in January! Also, you suggested thatI am more a performing artist than healer... and that side of me is beginningto emerge! I'm now a performing arts teacher at the day program for special needsadults!!! Also, I am auditioning for bands again! I'm feeling better! So thankyou so much for who you are and what you do!!!!! – J.C., Ohio

“Since my psychic reading with Mara I feel like a new person. Her reading made such a deep and lasting impression on me. She validated so much of what I've been thinking and feeling that I am almost in a state of shock. It was truly the greatest gift I have ever received in my life ….. I can't believe how good I feel about myself along with the change in how I view the world and myself in it.” - B.N., VT

"Mara Freeman’s Astrology/Psychic readings have informed, deepened and enriched my understanding of some very challenging and confusing moments along life’s journey. Her readings are always imbued with rich psychic imagery that pierces the veils, lingering in the psyche and transforming it, continuing to guide over time in surprising ways as the wisdom deepens and brings clarity to the issues at hand. " - E.R., CA

"I want to let you know that the reading you gave my daughter two years ago - everything you told her about her life was 100% accurate - everything! – She called you when she was between jobs – you told her she was going to go to graduate school – she has just graduated from college and chosen exactly the kind of career you said she would. . . " M.D., DC

First, I just need to say "THANK YOU"!! After I got off the phone with you, my body and my mind were so quiet and grounded I was just amazed. I had not realized how much tension I had been carrying in my body all these months or how many unresolved feelings I still had about selling and moving out of the house I had lived in for 22 years. . . What a great process! - CG, CA

“Mara’s readings have been immensely helpful in guiding me through a number of challenging issues. Her insights have enabled me to gain perspective on my life and activate my strengths & potentials so I now feel I am becoming who I truly am.” – S.H., CA

“Mara’s unique blend of psychic reading and psychotherapy brought a deeper, richer dimension to my growth. She connected me with my inner guides whose amazing love and clarity helped me make profound changes in my life with astounding ease.” – L.W., AZ

"Mara, you have really helped me and my family so much during these past months during the custody battle - everything you said came to pass, and it really helped me stay calm and maintain my faith in a positive outcome - which we indeed received today" -R.C., OR

Yesterday's reading has given me pause for much thought, as I knew it would. How effortlessly you remove the blindfold, and cause one to both see and acknowledge the truth! ... As always, Mara, I am deeply appreciative of your glorious gift, and willingness to share it. - MJ, UK

Mara, thank you again for your thoughtful and insightful reading. One hour with you was worth more than hundreds of hours with a therapist! I look forward to another reading soon. - RR, NY

Thank you so so much for your reading today, it was wonderful, and so, so tuned in to me!! – A.P., Petaluma, CA, USA

Thanks for your wonderful guidance! A.S., NY, USA

I got so much out of that reading! Thank you so much! J.M., Sydney, NSW, Aus.

Your reading has been tremendously helpful. It has accelerated a process of moving forward for me! – P.S., AK, USA

You did a reading for me 7 years ago and absolutely everything you covered has come to pass. – B.E., Merlin, OR, USA

Your words of wisdom still stay with me and give me inspiration when I’m in need
of courage and strength. . . It is all coming together at last and I wish to thank and bless you for your energetic and loving support – O, Montreal, Quebec, CA

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