Mara Freeman, M.A.
“Since my psychic reading with Mara I feel like a new person. Her reading made such a deep and lasting impression on me. She validated so much of what I've been thinking and feeling that I am almost in a state of shock. It was truly the greatest gift I have ever received in my life ….. I can't believe how good I feel about myself along with the change in how I view the world and myself in it.”
B.N., VT

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Mara Freeman offers state-of-the-art soul-centred psychic and astrology readings and spiritual counseling.

In early Celtic society, this service was known as ANAMCARA work, from an Irish word meaning soul friend, and Mara is pleased to continue this tradition for people all over the world today, using her 35 years of training and experience.

One Hour Psychic and Astrology Reading -  Who am I?  Where am I going? What's my life's purpose? If you're confused, worried, feeling off-track, in transition, or simply want to understand what your life is really all about, Mara will shed light on your situation, lead you to higher awareness, and give you the tools you need to make real lasting and positive change.

What is an Anamcara Reading?

Relationship Charts and Consultation - An in-depth interpretation of two or more astrology charts: Learn your compatibility, strengths and weaknesses for the most satisfying relationships.

Baby or Child Astrology Chart & Interpretation - the perfect gift for new parents!

Important Date/Time Selection for weddings, businesses, and any new ventures.

How an Anamcara Psychic and Astrology Reading Works:

Using her natural skills as a clairvoyant, and over 35 years of extensive training in Celtic seership, astrology, and cutting-edge psychotherapy, Mara can look at the "big picture" of your soul's journey, not only in this lifetime but from the many you have had in the past. She also connects with the spirit guides who have supported you throughout this journey, for the growth and evolution of your soul, or essential Self. Much valuable information can come to light during this process that can help you understand and improve your life today and for the future.

Mara uses astrology to help you understand your current lifetime, present circumstances and future trends and cycles. Through examining your birth-chart, which is a blueprint, or road-map of your current lifetime, she can give you new insights into your relationships, family, work, health, children, and other issues. Her aim is to lead you to a greater awareness of the pattern of your life, and help you find ways to create a future that is for your highest good and happiness.

An Anamcara Reading can also help you choose the best date for important events, such as your wedding or the start of a new business. Known as electional astrology, this is of vital importance to the success of any new venture!

Thousands of clients world-wide have consulted Mara Freeman for over 35 years and continue to find her psychic readings, astrological interpretations and soul counseling of immense value in their lives.

Readings are given by phone and the session is recorded and sent to you by email. There is no charge for the phone call, as Mara will be calling you.
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