This is an excellent book, offering a bright window into the Celtic World. Full of practical advice and a skilful use of material it should be read by all those interested in the modern applications of Celtic wisdom.
John Matthews, author of Drinking from the Sacred Well, etc.

There are many books claiming to introduce Celtic tradition to the reader,but Mara Freeman brings a depth of scholarship and clarity of presentation that outshines the rest. I recommend this excellent title to everyone exploring Celtic spirituality for the first time. At a time when so much shoddy research and outright misinformation is being circulated by people trying to cash in on the popularity of "Celtic" themes, it is truly refreshing to come upon an author who is authentically in touch with the Celtic world. Mara Freeman not only knows where genuine Celtic tradition is to be found, she has a profound understanding and appreciation of that tradition, and a talent for sharing it effectively. Anyone interested in exploring the rich heritage of Celtic culture will find her to be a dependable and engaging guide.
Alexei Kondratiev, author of The Apple Branch: A Path to Celtic Ritual.

Kindling the Celtic Spirit is a stunning book, rich in enchantments, legend and lore to nourish mind and heart, abounding in practical wisdom to nourish body and soul...The many meditations, spiritual practices and wondrous recipes offered may be woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, bringing us into harmonious alignment with the spirits of nature, the spirit of the season, and the spirit of our ancestral ways. Mara Freeman has truly given us a fine offering, food for the soul....
Margie McArthur, author of Wisdom of the Elements, etc.

With this long awaited for and much needed inspirational manual, Mara Freeman brings us a cauldron we can dip into any time of the year to quench our thirst for the Sacred in our daily lives. I look forward to giving it to my friends and family and using it as a guide in my own work.
Elizabeth Murray, author of Cultivating Sacred Space: Gardening for the Soul, etc.

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