These meditations are guided visualizations that will take you into the Celtic Dreamtime, a world-between-the-worlds where you can explore the inner landscape of Celtic and pre-Celtic wisdom. Here you will meet the Shining Ones who live there, from whom you may receive guidance and support for the journey of your soul.
This meditation can be practiced at any time of the year. It takes you to meet Morgen, the Lady of the Lake in her island sanctuary of Avalon. You may want to prepare a comfortable place with pillows so that you can lie down, rather than sit, as it will take you into a very deep state of relaxation, essential for healing.
In the Celtic worldview, time is an endless, connecting thread that enables the living to feel the wise and loving presence of the ancestors. Although it can be practiced at any time of the year, this meditation is most powerful during the winter season, especially at Samhain Eve (October 31st) or after, when the veils between the living and the dead are thinnest.
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Celtic Spirit Meditations

The first VisionJourney takes you to Glastonbury long ago, when it was the ancient Isle of Avalon. You will enter the original gardens of the Chalice Well and meet an inner guide in the apple grove where the Red Spring flows.
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The Avalon Meditations

To use the following meditations, you may want to read them into a recorder, have a friend read them to you, or do them in a group with one member reading them aloud.
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