CD contains many of the meditations in
the book, Kindling the Celtic Spirit.
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meditations from the book, Grail Alchemy!
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Celtic Spirit
Meditations CD
Guided visualizations, set to music.
by Mara Freeman

Guided visualizations, set to the exquisite music of harp, flute, keyboards, zither and other traditional instruments, will take you into the Celtic Dreamtime, a world-between-the-worlds where you can explore the inner landscape of the Celtic spirits. Here you will meet the Shining Ones: Celtic gods and goddesses including Brigit of the Flame and Morgen of Avalon, plus other guides and ancestors from whom you will receive guidance and support for the journey of your soul.

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Grail Alchemy
VisionJourney Meditations with Mara Freeman

Play time: 2 hours plus.


Nine guided VisionJourneys from the book, Grail Alchemy: Initiation in the Celtic Mystery Tradition, spoken by Mara Freeman and set to the music of the zither. These meditation journeys are designed to take you deep into the landscape of the Inner Grail for transformational journeys of the soul.

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The Avalon
Meditations CD
Magical journeys to the Isles of the Blessed, by Mara Freeman


Set sail on an inner voyage to Avalon: the landscape of the soul, the country of the heart. These beautiul VisionJourney meditations are set to the exquisite music of the Celtic harp and zither. By listening to them, you can contact this deep source of magic, healing and power. Included are: The Shores of Avalon / The Illuminated Tree / The Sea Temple / The Nine Sisters and the Cauldron of Annwn.
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Celtic Tales of
Birds & Beasts CD
A collection of magical tales from all over the UK, by Mara Freeman.

A unique collection of magical tales from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Includes the haunting tale of the Children of Lir who were turned into swans, the seal-woman know as the Selkie, plus other Faerie and Otherworld legends, set to the excuisite music of harp, bagpipes, penny whistles and drums.
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"These sagas are engrossing, with vivid details of setting and costume that recreate the mystique of an ancient culture ... Gerry Smida's beautiful musical track ... is so finely attuned to the stories that it greatly enhances their impact. All folktale collections will be enriched by these recordings".
Gretchen Furber, Booklist
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