A Bibliophile's Delight!
Very rarely do I find a book with stories so well told and with information so well researched and presented that it functions in both of these ways.... I have owned the book only for a few months, and yet it has become a regular companion...Kindling The Celtic Spirit is not a book to read once and put on the shelf; it is a book to live with. Freeman sets out to show us that our Celtic ways can be an abundant lifestyle not an occasional foray into a distant past. If my experience is any measure, she has succeeded brilliantly.
Michael Gorman, Sacramento, CA

Wonderful Poetry
What I like most is the way she uses poetry and her choices of poetry. Most books on Celtic spirit tend to use poetry that doesn't flow or connect to my heart. Most of her choices, or choices of translations, are wonderful. Rose Welsh, St. George, UT

A King's Ransom of Celtic Tradition
This wonderfully researched, thought-out and laid-out book is seasoned with an abundance of Celtic lore. ...Kindling The Celtic Spirit would make a wonderful gift for anybody who cherishes Irish/Celtic tradition or as a book to keep beside ones bed, to read before sleeps so that one may drift off and enter a magical time and place where faeries played in sacred groves, bards sang of courageous deeds, and the Tuatha De Danann lived and prospered.
Andrea Bonacquisti, Detroit, MI USA

A Treasure Trove of Ancient Wisdom
This beautifully conceived & executed book is bursting with an abundance of Celtic lore, legends, traditions, history, resources and practical applications for enriching our lives through the ways & wisdom of our ancestors. It carries the reader from month to month through the year and brings the meaning & significance of each month and season fully alive. We have already begun using some of the seasonal rituals, crafts, recipes & meditations in our own home and know that this book will be a companion to us for years to come. David Berry, Cotati, CA

The Most Comprehensive Information
I received Mara's book from a friend as a gift. I had just written the lead article for our organization's newsletter on Bride, and so looked Her up in Kindling the Celtic Spirit to see what information the book had. Mara had the most comprehensive information that I had come across in my research. Many books have maybe a paragraph or two on Bride, but Mara had a whole section. She mentions such as customs as the Bride-og and literature such as the Carmina Gadelica as well as excerpts from the collection. Mara combines research, inspiration, and a gift for writing in Kindling the Celtic Spirit, and I highly recommend it. Stacey J. Weinberger, Oakland, CA

A Threshold Between the Worlds
Mara's beautiful book is a wonderful companion for anyone looking for that country beyond the mists where sacred story lives. For those already familiar with things Celtic, it's a resource for ritual and celebration. I can't wait to get the accompanying CD.
Sea Raven, Washington, D.C.

Warms the Heart
The anecdotes, recipes, meditations, and stories warm the heart and make for an enjoyable read. I truely felt that Mara captured and represented the Celtic Spirit in an honest and refreshing way. Heather Bassett, Salt Lake City, UT

A Beautiful Book
The first pleasure of this book is simply holding it and looking at the beautiful typography and layout. After that many pleasures await you in the words between the covers. Ms. Freeman explores the myths and festivals of the Celts and brings the magic and joy found in the wisdom traditions of Ireland in a clear voice to the modern world. Reading these blessings and guided meditations, the lore and ritual and recipes one can reconnect with the ancient spiritual teachings of the Celtic peoples. Rowan Fairgrove, San Jose, CA

Re-ignites my Spirit
Mara Freeman has done a wonderful job of introducing me to the Celtic Spirit. Her stories, descriptions and anecdotes that take the reader through the seasons of "celebration" are very enjoyable. I will read this over and over to renew my awareness of the Celtic Spirit and to reignite my own spirit. A calming, quiet, enjoyable way of winding down from a hectic or stressful day as one sits around a fire, curled up with this book. Evelyn Ortiz,Campbell, CA


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